One measure of functionality of population and demographics (Qp) within a given community can be quantified by using the social vulnerability index (SoVI) proposed by Cutter (1996). Social vulnerability (a counterpart of social resilience) is defined as the inability of people, organizations, and societies to withstand adverse impacts from multiple stressors to which they are exposed. These impacts are due in part to characteristics inherent in social interactions, institutions, and systems of cultural values. Social vulnerability is a pre-existing condition of the community that affects the society’s ability to prepare for and recover from a disruptive event.

What do we measure

  • Functionality of population and demographics
  • Social vulnerability (a counterpart of social resilience)
  • Characteristics inherent in social interactions and institutions
  • Cultural values


  • Public
  • Educational institutions
  • Religious, cultural institutions
  • Healthcare facilities, at home care providers

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