As suggested by Harrald (cited in Micale, 2010, para. 5), “Resilience … requires the building of collaborative relationships that will enable communities and businesses to better absorb, adapt, survive, and thrive when confronted with extreme events.” Norris et al. (2008) describe community resilience as “a metaphor, theory, set of capabilities and strategy for disaster readiness”. One of the capabilities they discuss is community competence. Community competence is essential to community resilience in the same way that individual competence is essential to personal hardiness. Community competence deals with community action, critical reflection and problem solving skills, flexibility and creativity, collective efficacy, empowerment, and political partnerships (Norris et al., 2008).

What do we measure

  • Quality of life
  • Community competence
  • Community partnership
  • Community ethics, culture, motivation


  • Public as a community
  • Community groups
  • Cultural, religious groups
  • Educational organizations

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